Has a long shipping business history, dating back to the year 1929, when it was first established as a company owner and shipping agent. All the experience built up throughout these years has consolidated this traditional family company as one of the most prestigious companies in the management, training and screening of marine personnel.

CANDINA GROUP accomplishes ISO.

Our pride is silver cup in acknowledgment of his humanity & kindness to The Shipwrecked Crew, of the steamship "Harpague" of London whom he rescued in the Mediterranean Sea.

About José María Candina

He graduates from Senior High School in Texas. In 1998 obtains The Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Economics from Hull 8 9 University (Yorkshire). Until 1991 he is responsible for company’s Marketing. Works in all departments, until in 1998 becomes Managing Director. After the retirement of Mr. Candina Sr. in April 1999, becomes the President of the company.

In October 1999 is appointed Honorary Consul of Finland for The Basque Country and Rioja Autonomy.

I belong to the 4th generation of a family linked to the maritime sector within the Group Candina. Autodidact, versatile and entrepreneur. Throughout more than 25 years of professional experience, I had the opportunity to develop skills in the area of:
  • Management and Leadership
  • Risk Assessment and Indicators
  • Management and Optimization of Companies and HR
  • Implementation of Transparency Management Systems
  • International Business Development


  • Long experience in the sector since 1929
  • TRANSPARENCY in each of our business activities
  • International group with offices in 8 countries
  • IMEC member, we can reach advantageous agreements in negotiations with the ITF and access IBF agreements
  • The extensive database of seafarers available to the company allows us to select among several candidates, in this way we have competitive salaries
  • Business Management Standards:
    • ISO 9001:20 (LR certified)
    • International group with offices in more than 10 countries, according to the Maritime Labor Convention, 2006. Certified by Lloyds Register
  • Database with access to our clients, which allows a follow-up at all times