Candina Group has sailed through many waves and storms. Following where the wind blows, it transformed from a maritime transport sector to a maritime employment agency. From carrying seafarers and goods to allocating them: Candina Group has evolved for a greater cause and become a trusted and accountable service company for seafarers and shipowners all across the globe.

The History of Candina Group

Antonio Candina was the founder of the Candina Group. Back in 1919, this ship’s captain became a shareholder in the Compañía Naviera Bidasoa and became the owner of his own ship, which he called Candina.

Captain Antonio Candina sailed for a long time with the ship Candina and is remembered for his humanity and kindness. Among other events, he is remembered for participating in the rescue of the crew of the ship Harpague in the Mediterranean Sea during its sinking in 1941, for which he received a silver cup for his hospitality. This event is the turning point for Candina to become a company that nurtures seafarers and helps them to grow and thrive.

Since 1960, Candina Maritime Agency has evolved to become crew management with a notorious presence in the maritime sector. Until now, we continue working to provide the best service to our customers; with the utmost dedication and transparency, striving for excellence in our growth.

More about Candina Group

We are the service all seafarers and shipowners have been looking for!

We are an Integral Ship Management originated from Bilbao, Spain that acts as:

  • Employment Agency

With branches all around the world: Spain (Europe), Latvia (Baltic), Panama & Honduras (Latin America), Morocco (Africa), and Singapore (Asia), we have vacancies open for seafarers all across the world!

We have a long history of working with different shipowners and we always have open vacancies to apply for. From deck positions to machinery and catering positions. We are always open to receiving resumes from seafarers to assess and place them.

Our available crew consists of Captain/Master, Electroengineer, 1st-4th Engineer, Officers Wiper, Oiler, Bosun, Machinist, Cook, Steward, Fitter, Cadet/Deck, Able Seaman, Ordinary Seaman; every position is available in our database

  • Service providers for shipowners as a recruitment and placement agency for seafarers

Our service consists of recruiting seafarers with different experiences, skills, and certifications of different nationalities and flags to help them find the right ship to sail! For now, we have around 40k+ seafarers that are ready to sail!

We also help to mediate shipowners and seafarers to meet the requirements needed before sailing! This includes arranging the medical examination, documents, payments-balances (budget control, variance report), and providing information on the law and current trends for both parties.

What makes us special?

We deliver significant results.

We tailored our service to give you the finest outcome, for we are present in each stage of the crew acquisition process from the beginning of the contract until the ship sailed. You will never need to worry about missing out on anything, we will fulfil your request!

We make a difference.

No longer a centric agency, we expanded to many continents! Consistently growing and adapting to global demand; we create a sustainable chain to connect seafarers and shipowners for a global market.

We have offices all around the world! This means clients all across the borders and seafarers in every sea! Breaking big waves of distance barriers, uniting shipowners with talented seafarers everywhere!

We are profitable.

We do not take any fee from our applicants to apply, it is purely recruitment based. All seafarers are welcome to apply to our database website or through our e-mail, resulting in fast and free talent acquisition.

Shipowners will also receive access to browse through our database catalogue to have a look at their crew candidates. This way, we are transparent and provide only the best for our clients.

Lastly, we are creative.

We are open to new ways and utilizing fresh ideas by actively improving and engaging with the current trends. Our company seeks development within our services!

Transforming feedback and critics to improve our performance, we take your words carefully into consideration to be better in what we do. Now, we are more modern and digital.

Ways to Reach Us

You can follow us on social media and visit our website to keep up to date with our latest publications by simply clicking on these links!

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Twitter: @CandinaGroup

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