Prior to sail, all sailors are required to take a medical examination. They receive vaccinations necessary for international traffic. In case of sickness or accident they receive adequate medical assistance.
Drug and alcohol tests are carried out when required by the ship owner.


JOSE MARIA CANDINA S.L.® takes care of and provides each crewmember with all the necessary documents: visas, licenses, contracts of enlistment, certificates, as well as travel expenses, immigration support, etc.


Upon the termination of contract each crewmember receives a notification if he/she has chances to rejoin the crew after the end of vacation period. It comes together with his/her fees. With the corresponding documents, we also provide the principals with a monthly balance to account.


The vessels are provided with local and international press, mail, books and other facilities for leisure activities.
Crewmember's families are informed about the itineraries, monthly allotments and insurance coverage. In some cases they can also contact the vessel, should the situation arise.


Trailor made training management controlled via our data base

Why us?

B ecause we get results, because we want to make a difference and know how to do it, because we are profitable, because we have the “know how”, because we are creative, because we have what it takes…

Our staff is a team of energetic, client-oriented, experienced professionals who know how to combine their individual strengths and work together to achieve the best results.

Our software allows us to work efficiently and flexibly, by insuring permanent and simultaneous access through internet to the personnel data, records of vessels, shipowners, enlistment contracts, relieves, roosters, comments made by crew managers, appraisal reports received from vessels, scanned documentation of all embarked crew and so much more.

Our web, allows our Clients (by given username and password) to access our software database and verify the certificates and licenses of the crew members embarked on their vessels, permanently monitoring crew exchange planning, rotations etc.