• Maintaining and continuously improving customers’ and partners’ satisfaction regarding the products, services and work executed
  • Ensuring adequate resources for optimal processes.
  • Ensuring the training needs and self-awareness of entire personnel regarding the customer’s requirements, environment issues and occupational health and safety.
  • Strengthening organization’s image and reducing impact of our activities over environment and preventing pollution by complying with environment protection requirements, occupational health and safety, social accountability and labour conditions and with the legislation in force and with the adopted standards’ requirements.
  • Respecting and applying the legislation related to occupational health and safety in order to establish the technical and organizational measures according to work environment and identified risk factors
  • Assessment, control and prevention of incidents/accidents and professional ill health and informing the personnel regarding the risks they are exposed to during their activities
  • Respecting the recommendations of International Labour Organization, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and United Nations Convention on the Right of the Children, regarding child labour, forced labour, health and safety, discrimination, compensation and working hours.